Andrew Fordham Brown
I have been dry stone walling on the North York
Moors  since 2004
and I'm starting to get the
hang of it

I specialize in garden features, unusual projects,
rebuilding walls from the ground up and building
new walls from scratch. The same attention to
detail will be applied to garden walls and field
boundaries. You can often find little interesting
features in my walls.

examples - stiles, arches, smoot (sheep hole),
gateways, steps, roundhouse, fire pit,  seats,
pillars, asparagus bed, foot bridge, arched culverts

There are several distinct style of walls on the
North York Moors, the slim limestone walls of
Ryedale, the large sandstones higher up and the
random heavy boulder walls on the moor tops.

I will only use local stone for my work. Local stone
will blend in with the landscape. imported stone
always looks out of place.

I am willing to travel and have been asked to
rebuild a dry stone bothy on the Isle of Skye and
have had enquiries from Shetland and Australia!